Stephanie said:

Thank you for sharing the colors of paints that you used and posting a video tutorial – both were so helpful! I love the palette that you chose, it’s beautiful. I’m looking forward to giving these little Santas as gifts to our toddler’s grandparents, aunts, and uncles this year (and of course, keeping a few for our own tree!). So happy that I stumbled upon this. Merry Christmas!

Chelsea Blaise

Chelsea Blaise said:

Hi! About how many hand prints did this batch of dough make? I need to make about 12.


Julie said:

Hi! we love the DIY ornaments!
Where did you purchase the pink felt? can you send me the link.


Nichole said:

Love this idea! We made the handprint and used cookie cutters to cut out extra ornaments for the girls to paint!


Paige said:

Love these! Just started making them today with my littles. What kind of table cloth is that in the background? Do you use that for crafting with your kids. I love it.


Chelsie said:

Sorry! Saw them!


Chelsie said:

Thank you so much! Love these! Do you happen to know the paint colors you used? Thanks!

-Coley Kuyper

-Coley Kuyper said:

Thank you Allana! I’m so glad you enjoyed this. I hope you start making some precious memories together.


Nicole said:

Love the paint colors- any idea what they are called?


Sian said:

Hi! Can you share which brand of paint you used,and which colors?


Diamond said:

Just did these with my 9 month old for her first Christmas. Not easy getting her handprints but they turned out so adorable!! I did have an issue with them taking much longer to harden, I think I might have made them a bit thicker than recommended. But thank you for sharing, this is an awesome craft!


Morgan said:

This has been a great activity for me and my little ones!! I cooked them for the 2 hours, but the back of them are still a little soft, will they harden over time or should I cook them longer?


SerenA said:

Would you mind sharing the paint colors you chose?


Serena said:

Hi! What did you use for the black eyes and face outline? these are beautiful. thanks


Allana said:

Thanks you for sharing. My little one is two years old and i’ve been looking for traditions to start as a family. I absolutely love this idea of making an ornament together each year and would love to see a collection of your ornaments over the years! How precious!

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