A peek inside the studio...

Everything I create here begins in my home studio, surrounded by big windows that let the natural light flood in during the afternoon. Most of the time while I’m creating, my little ones are running around near me or just outside the window I'm sitting next to. I hear them pretending and being creative too. I peek over to see them as I hear their laughs and watch the new things they’re coming up with. Something they’re doing, a song I’m listening to in the background, or the way the colors are all blooming outside in a certain season all give inspiration to the work I create. Each one of these instances, if not all at the same time, has sparked an idea and inspired me to turn that moment into a piece of art.

My desk is covered with pencils and papers, paint tubes, cups full of brushes and pallets submerged with watercolors I’ve mixed together. Sometimes the picture comes to mind right away; other times it takes numerous tries until it finally comes together--and when it does I just can’t wait to get it out into the world!

Every piece that you see me share begins and ends with the work from my own two hands, sketching with pencil and charcoal, painting in watercolors, or lettering something for you to love and have as a part of your story. It brings me so much joy when I get to see a piece come together the way I had envisioned it. And an even bigger dream come true to witness how it ends up in your home.

Coley Kuyper Art process at work