Robin Michaels

Robin Michaels said:

These could easily be painted with acrylic craft paint. Using them on a Christmas wreath would be cute—just don’t put them outside. Even on a covered porch, I’d be afraid the dampness would make them a bit limp.


joan said:

We had an unexpected day off of school so my 9 yo twin grandsons painted these up (I did the cutting, etc) for our Christmas centerpiece. More important than the simple centerpiece, it’ll be happy memories! Thanks for sharing your creativity!


Emily said:

This was such a good craft to do with my kids! Because I didn’t need to buy anything extra, I really wasn’t bothered if these didn’t look how I imagined them. Instead, I mixed paints and let my two boys paint. Once they are dry, we will break out the glitter pens to add a little bit of sparkle.


Cheryl said:

Love the toilet paper Christmas Tree. I like simple craft ideas. Something that everyone can make by utilizing what you already have in your home. I had six children and I always used things on hand. Not everyone can run out and buy things. Thank you for this idea. I may add to it by place a bottom and a few candy canes inside. Looking forward to seeing more from you!


Sandy said:

What kind of paint did you use?


Judy said:

You can paint then inside and out easier to do before you cut it. Also, use a paper hole punch to cut out holes for a battery tealight to shine through. Adding white sparkly glitter or some puffs of cotton on the branches would also look great!


Gayle said:

I am making these for a Christmas table setting a fill them with Chocolates in small bags


Carrey said:

I have been saving our toilet paper rolls too and wondering what could be done with them… between your creative idea and all of these suggestions I now have the answer I’ve been waiting for. thank you All so much. <3

Veronica Pikes

Veronica Pikes said:

You can try this idea using paper towel rolls cutting them to various heights to get the forest look. 😊


Hope said:

Dianne McFerren, je retiens votre idée de peindre l’intérieur du rouleau afin que la finition soit plus belle. J’ai déjà plein d’idées dans la tête… merci


Marian said:

Love this idea, and the project turns out as depicted. I can see this craft idea being used at Girl Scouts/Cub Scout meetings among other places where up-cycling is a trend and keeping to a budget is a focus.

Mag lowe

Mag lowe said:

I had my 4 and 2 year old kids paint these and I wrote names below the trunk and they will be our place settings for Christmas Eve brunch!!


MsY said:

Going to try this and hubby suggested I place a Battery operated candle in the base to add a little glow.

dona mote

dona mote said:

looks grerat



I love these!! Going to try chalk paint with baking soda technique for some added texture!!!

Dianne McFerren

Dianne McFerren said:

Wonderfully creative idea!! I will try spray painting the whole thing green (inside & out)…decorating with dots and designs and cutting them at different heights. I want a colorful display for the fireplace mantle.
Thanks for an exciting use of toilet paper rolls!! Oh, and these could also be adapted to Autumn, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day.

Michelle A Hechler

Michelle A Hechler said:

I am picturing napkin rings.


Lauren said:

Super cute! What kind of paint did you use?


Judy said:

I wonder if you could put the little trees on a holiday wreath

Ester Wadley

Ester Wadley said:

I will use these for our arts and crafts today. They are very nice.

Kim shepherd

Kim shepherd said:

My 51/2 yr old Grandson asked Santa last night for a Christmas tree fortress ! Using theses trees and some tubing this grandma is making him one! Bless you for your creativity!!

Diana Crick

Diana Crick said:

These are fabulous. The whole family which is just 4 Adults and two kids, 11 and 13 are going to Cabo for Christmas. The house we are renting has no Christmas decorations. We are going to have great fun painting and decorating these. We might even try making a cactus…lol.


Dee said:

Very artistic

Sally Hartman

Sally Hartman said:

I am going to make some of those trees Thanks!

Garden Goddess

Garden Goddess said:

This would make a cute napkin ring for Xmas dinner.

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